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The approach proposed in these seminars makes it possible to discover the psycho-physiological restrictions which prevent our organism from functioning harmoniously. The blockages will be approached by non-evolutionary movements, observation poses (asanas), they will be re-orchestrated in the natural course of energy with the help of the breath free of any constraint (pranayama).  This letting go of images and resistances makes it possible to rediscover the adamic state of body-transparency, light that points directly towards silence. It is a question of tuning our instrument so that it vibrates in harmony with the deep currents of existence, the sensory opening which results from it expressing itself without limits.  In these encounters free from any traditionalism, the various prolongations of awakening of the subtle energies will be approached, the body exercises being only a pretext to feel tranquillity.  This purification, through the free circulation of energies, sanctifies our structure. Their reintegration into verticality finds expression in all aspects of life.  This approach, where the body is finally recognized as the breath of being, is part of the non-dualist line of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism.


The practice of this yoga-darshana is not recommended for people with a psychiatric history or following psychological treatments in the form of therapies or drug prescriptions.  Further pursuit of this art could create spaces that are complex to manage for individuals already  psychologically weak

The extreme deindividuation in which this approach is immersed does not at all suit those who are without psychological dens and are already poorly integrated into our society.  It is not a rejection of anyone but to undertake the adventure to which tradition invites, the most pathological conflicts must be calmed. As long as one needs to love or to be loved, to be listened to , understood or respected, to have recourse to sedatives or other pharmaceutical products, these affective restrictions could awaken latent psychoses or stimulate those already present for those to whom the world is questioning, complexity and aggression.  To know nothing, to want nothing, to be nothing are extreme equilibrium of the not-me, but certain madness for the person

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